Don’t be a muggle. Discover startups.

Have you ever thought about running your own business, but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you just wanted to find out how to successfully invest your money? Maybe your dream is to become the CEO of a big company, but then you hit the wall full of questions – how to achieve that?

Don’t worry! Our course is a great opportunity to get answers for those (and many more) questions! Moreover, it is the response to the needs of the present market. During our academic activities, you will have a chance to discover the newest techniques of management, entrepreneurship and marketing.


The biggest reason why this whole event is possible! Learn more about BEST Lodz, the ones responsible for this course!

Core Team

During your whole stay, you will be under the care of an elite team of mages! Click here, to learn more about them and how they cast spells!

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